Quantum Reflex Analysis

A breakthrough technique designed to pin point the root cause of fatigue, digestive complaints, pain and many other chronic ailments. The Bio-Energetic field status of the body’s essential network of organs and glands has been scientifically proven to affect our optimum health and radiant vitality. Through Quantum Reflex Analysis, the practitioner can locate a disruption of this field and a course of treatment can be designed to restore the Bio-Energetic levels. Through a holistic approach providing premier Mud Packing along with naturally derived supplements and nutrients, optimum health and wellness can be restored. Schedule a Free 15 minute consultation health screening today.

60 minutes | $90.00

Package Deal
3 follow up sessions for $240.00


A 24 hr. advance cancellation notice is required; or a $20.00 service charge will be applied. Children must be accompanied by an adult and kept under control at all times. All Services are Confidential.

Payment Options

Services are offered by appointment; payment is due at time of treatment We accept cash, check, or charge - MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Cell Phone Usage

To ensure a relaxing environment for all spa guests, kindly turn your cell phones to silent before entering the spa.

Gift Certificates / Cards

Gift certificates/ cards are available in the spa or by phone for purchase.